Regular Oil Changes Keep Vehicles Running Smooth

Melrose 1 Stop provides top-quality oil changes on cars, trucks and large commercial vehicles in Melrose, MN, located just off Interstate 94.

Oil changesMost vehicle manufacturers recommend an oil change every 3,000 – 5,000 miles to minimize engine wear, keeping your oil clean. Always refer to manufacturer recommendations or consult a professional mechanic for best results.

When to Change Oil in Your Vehicle

  • Every 3,000 – 5,000 or manufacturer recommendation
  • Check oil light is on
  • Check engine light is on
  • Oil is dirty
  • Unusual sounds or knocking coming from the engine

Oil changes done at Melrose 1 Stop can be done using the original equipment specified oil and filter or more economic versions if you choose. You’ll be provided both options and allowed to make the selection that is best for your vehicle and situation.

Are you looking for full-service vehicle repair and maintenance? Melrose 1 Stop provides complete car, truck, and semi truck repair and maintenance service.

Call 320-256-3519 to schedule your vehicle’s oil change.